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Get instant access to over 100 video modules walking you step by step through creating your own AI Agency. Includes 8+ hours of course content from Liam, and over 80+ hours of workshop recordings.

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The path to building a successful online business is littered with obstacles. At every step of the way, our development, sales, outreach and mindset coaches are there to help you via 1-on-1 calls and group lessons.

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Every week, new opportunities appear in the AI world. Our community is unmatched in its ability to find and share the latest ways to build and sell AI solutions.

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Unlock 90+ Lessons In Our
A-Z Guide to Mastery

About This Course
How to Get The Most Out Of This Course
My Story & Results
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Introduction | 5 Lessons (43 Minutes)

Kick off your learning adventure with a personal introduction from me. Discover my story, the insights I've gained, and what this program has in store for you, as well as the key strategies for maximizing your learning experience in this program.

What is an AI Automation Agency
AAA Jargon
The No-Code Opportunity
Three Tiers of AAADeliverables
The Vehicle To Success
The Software Landscape
AAAs vs Other Business Models
Types of Agencies
AAA Model Image

Fundamentals of the AAA Model | 8 Lessons (1 hour 7 minutes)

Discover the AAA Model directly from its creator. In this module, learn why the AI Automation Agency Model was developed and understand its essential principles. Gain insights into innovative strategies that shape the model, setting you on a path to mastering the AI Automation Agency.

Your Dream Outcome
Long Term Vision
Through Hard to Easy
You Can Learn Anything
Return on Investment
Extreme Accountability
Avoid Assumptions
Mindset Image

Master Your Mindset | 9 Lessons (22 minutes)

Unlock the mindset strategies that have fueled my entrepreneurial journey over five years, leading to triumphs in both business and personal realms. In this module, I'll reveal the mental hacks and perspectives that have been pivotal in navigating the path to success.

Skills You Need
Systems vs Goals
Reading List
The Perfect Day
Suggested Software & Tools
Entrepreneurship Image

Modern Success Tools | 7 Lessons (30 minutes)

Step into the world of modern entrepreneurship with this comprehensive module. Discover the essential qualities and strategies needed to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. I'll share the tools and practices that have been instrumental in my entrepreneurial journey, offering you the blueprint to carve your own path to success in the current era.

My Method Explained
Your First Client
Zoom Out
Setting Up Your Business
Method Image

7 Figure Method | 5 Lessons (16 minutes)

Explore the powerful formula that propelled me to generate over seven figures in AI revenue in just the first year of this business model. This module isn't just about my personal success story; it's a deep dive into a tried-and-tested approach, refined through not only my experiences but also the collective wisdom of thousands of AAA owners from inside my community.

Voiceflow Basics
Voiceflow Integrations
24:45 Advanced
Relevance AI Basics
Airtable Basics
No-Code Automation

Conquer No-Code | 6 Lessons (2 hour 40 minutes)

Transform from a novice to a proficient low-code developer in just three hours with this intensive module. I'll guide you through the precise skill set required to craft high-demand deliverables for clients without the need for highly complicated custom solutions.

Why Niche Down
My Niche & Deliverable Dynamic
Niche Analysis
Niche Idea Generation
Selecting Your Niches
Niche Image

Picking The Right Niche | 5 Lessons (45 minutes)

Tackle one of the most significant challenges faced by AAA owners: choosing the right niche and deliverables. This module delves into my proven methodology for niche selection as well as providing you with real-world examples from my experience at Morningside AI, highlighting the most sought-after deliverables in the current market.

The Most Crucial Step
Method 1 - DIY Research
Method 2 -Find a Partner
Method 3 -Pay for Consulting
Deliverable Section
Market Image

Data-Driven Decision Making | 5 Lessons (35 minutes)

Before you dive into any market or choose your deliverables, arm yourself with the right data. In this module, I'll guide you through the process of gathering and analyzing the crucial information needed to make well-informed decisions. Learn the art of pinpointing the most lucrative markets and valuable deliverables, ensuring your business moves are backed by solid data and strategic insight.

Naming and Branding
Your Personal Brand
Marketing Plan Image

Getting Setup | 5 Lessons (35 minutes)

Every successful business journey begins with setting up the essentials. In this module, I provide a comprehensive list of core items crucial for any business owner. Along with this list, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to effectively establish these foundational elements.

Lead Generation
Outreach Methods
Create Your Strategies
Marketing Plan Image

Master The Funnel | 3 Lessons (27 minutes)

Before my journey as a developer began, I honed my skills in the marketing arena. This background has been instrumental in creating Morningside AI, consistently attracting 5-10 high-quality leads daily. In this module, I'll unveil the strategies behind this successful funnel. You'll learn not just the 'how' but also the 'why' of these techniques, empowering you to attract your own clients with similar effectiveness.

Intro to the Sales Processes
Positioning Your Free Offer - Intro
Positioning Your Free Offer
Planning Your Sales Funnel
Sales Process Image

Crafting Your Path to Closure | 4 Lessons (52 minutes)

In the dynamic world of sales, having a robust process is key. This module focuses exclusively on setting up an effective sales process. Learn how to structure your sales approach for maximum efficiency and impact. I'll guide you through the foundational aspects of building a sales process that aligns with your agency's goals and market dynamics.

Outreach Theory
Email Warmup Explained
Email Warmup Tutorial
Lead Generation
How To Setup Your Campaign
Instagram Outreach
Outreach Image

Leads, Leads, Leads | 6 Lessons (1 hour 10 minutes)

In the realm of selling emerging technology, the right outreach strategy can make all the difference. This module distills the  wisdom of Morningside AI's extensive testing and insights from a community of over 40,000 agency owners. Discover which outreach methods truly work and which fall short in the tech landscape.

Sales Ethics
Becoming Amazing Problem Solvers
Common Sales Processes
Frameworks & Scripts
Client Closing Framework
Contract Call Strategy
Sales Image

Conquering The Conversion | 7 Lessons (45 minutes)

The influx of leads is just the beginning; the real game-changer is knowing how to seal the deal. This module is dedicated to mastering the art of closing sales. Learn the nuances of negotiation, persuasion, and client engagement that transform prospects into loyal customers. Watch live sales calls where we close 6+ figure AI Automation Agency deals with clients at Morningside.

Collecting Data for Case Studies
Software Account Management
Zoom Out
Referrals, Case Studies & Testimonials
Service Delivery Image

Seamless Delivery | 6 Lessons (33 minutes)

In the past year at Morningside, we've refined the art of delivering exceptional service. This module delves into the vital aspects of successful service delivery, focusing on ensuring a smooth integration of innovative tech into your clients' business.

Your Next Client
Levelling Up Your Product
Next Step Image

Scaling Your Success| 2 Lessons (11 minutes)

With your funnel robustly built, a steady stream of leads, and a strong closing rate, you're now poised for the next significant phase: transforming your operation into a full-fledged business. This module is designed to guide you through the pivotal steps of expansion and scaling.

Meet Your Coaches...

Coach Daron
Coach Teemu
Coach Nicholay
Coach Oliver
Coach Liam

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A Personalized Launch Strategy Crafted For You

During your onboarding process, AI Liam collects key data on your current skills, experience, connections and aspirations in order to craft a personalized, step-by-step business launch strategy for you to fast-track your success.

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AI Powered Resource Finder

Your Accelerator membership comes with over 100 hours of course and workshop content plus dozens of helpful resources, templates and guides. AI Liam is equipped with an AI search engine to help you find exactly what you need in seconds.

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Cosine Similarity Tool

Delivering AI solutions for clients based on subjective text outputs is a killer for all AI Agencies. Our cosine similarity tool allows you to evaluate outputs by providing a tangible metric to use as a success criteria when delivering client work,

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Book Coaching Calls

AI Liam gives you direct access to all of your Accelerator benefits, including booking calls with our development, sales, outreach and offer creation coaches.

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Build Your Network

The only thing better than building a successful business is doing so alongside others. AI Liam’s networking tool allows members to connect with others in their country or industry to build real world relationships and business partnerships.

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Plan Your AI Solutions

Knowing what software and tools you need to create your AI solutions and how they connect together can be tough. AI Liam’s solution planner gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build many of the most popular AI solutions.

A-Z Guide (90+ Lessons)

Inside the Accelerator, Liam teaches you the exact methods he has used to grow Morningside AI from zero to $100k+ P/M in under 12 months.
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1 on 1 Coaching Calls

The path to building a successful online business is littered with obstacles. At every step of the way, our development, sales, outreach and mindset coaches are there to help you via 1-on-1 calls and group lessons.

Premium AI Liam

Get premium access to AI Liam, your 24/7 AI business tutor. Craft personalised business plans, navigate resources, book coaching calls, and more.
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Workshops (80+ Hours)

Get instant access to the 70+ workshop recordings lead by Liam and the coaching team, as well as access to live weekly workshops.

Exclusive Community

Inside our exclusive Accelerator community, you will meet hundreds of other AI business owners so you can walk this path together. Join the chats, group calls, and in person meet ups our community hold.
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Accelerator Custom Platform

Upon signing up for the Accelerator, you will be invited to the Accelerators custom platform ensuring seamless navigation, updates, and interactions.

Market Updates

Every week, new opportunities appear in the AI world. Our community is unmatched in its ability to find and share the latest ways to build and sell AI solutions.
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Agency owner

“Through the Accelerator program I’ve been able to stack wins and stack knowledge, tips and tricks. Most valuable content hands down are the workshops, there’s never a time I’ll leave one thinking- huh I could have used that time somewhere else and gone farther. Every time I listen to them there’s something I take away which makes my business better.”


Michelangelo Buonarroti

Agency owner

"Accelerator has been a game-changer for me. I had the opportunity to work with top-notch industry coaches, which helped me improve my skills and reach new heights in my career. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking exclusive access to influential experts."


Daniel Smith

Agency owner

"I can't speak highly enough about Accelerator and the incredible opportunities it has provided me. From the moment I signed up, I knew I was in for something special. As someone who is deeply passionate about my industry and always looking to refine my skills, Accelerator has been an absolute game-changer. "


Emily Johson

Agency owner

"What sets Accelerator apart is the unparalleled access it offers to industry influencers and experts. The ability to connect with outreach coaches, sales coaches, development coaches, and operations coaches who are at the top of their game has been invaluable to my professional journey."



Agency owner

“I found the most valuable resource in the Accelerator to be the network, there are so many high level people who have gravitated towards this content and joined the community who you’re able to communicate with, these are people who are very serious about this space. So working together just makes sense.”



Agency owner

“Started a month and a half to two months ago, signed 4-5 clients. What I’ve learnt during this journey is AI is something you can sell - period. Right now has been the phase of learning, the real money will come.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the AAA Accelerator Membership?

A standard Accelerator membership grants you access to an exclusive Discord community, which includes 15+ live workshops from Liam, our coaches, and consultants each month, the option to sign up to accountability groups, access to tools and templates and much more! Accelerator Premium members will be able to book up to 1 hour worth of calls every month with industry leading coaches, the option to sign up for Morningside AI leads & more.

Who created the AAA Accelerator?

The Accelerator has been created by myself, Liam Ottley. Four months ago, I created the AAA model and shared it with millions of viewers on Youtube. I have always given away education for free, however this has started to hinder growth for some of you. This is my solution. View the video above for more details.

Do I Need to Pay Monthly

Yes, please see the monthly plan prices above.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the content within the accelerator, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so anytime.

Is the content live or recorded?

Our 15+ monthly workshops will be live, but they will all be recorded and uploaded to our recordings channel for you to watch in your own time.

I need help, who should I contact?

Our support team is available 24/7. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions, or if you are already an AAA Accelerator member, you can visit the help channel in the Discord.